This page contains, or links to, resources (mainly material, some human) for those taking Jurisprudence tutorials with me at the University of Oxford. It is meant as a one-stop-shop (except that, given its jurisprudential nature, it runs on a non-commercial basis).


  Tutorial reading list
The most important document in your current jurisprudential life. Always bring a copy with you.

        A Map of Jurisprudence
To help you find your way(s). Like any map, it highlights a particular set of features, never all.

  Where to find books, articles
Locate materials via Bodley. Sometimes Oxford Scholarship and Google Books can also help.

        Jurisprudential Orientation Test
Discover your true jurisprudential orientation: take the JOT. (And take it with a jot of humour!)

  Jurisprudential jargon-buster
Terms often used in jurisprudential literature. Helpful explanations by John Gardner

        Jurisprudence revision quiz
Passcode = the kind of plant most frequently found in my rooms (small case)

  Past exam papers (since 2000)
Exam questions only change incrementally, so take a good look at recent papers, via OXAM.

        How to write a bad exam essay
The main mistakes to avoid - if you want to write a good Jurisprudence exam, that is.

  Phrases to memorise
        Memorable phrases
  Juris faculty lectures
Schedule, handouts, teaching group members, and more

        Juris Discussion Group
After-hours Juris: less formal, just as thought-provoking

  Current Oxford Law lecture list
The menu on offer to all Oxford law students

        Jurisprudence handouts (in-house)
Notes accompanying some of my classes & tutes

  About Ox-Juris
Including the Intranet and all that Ox-Juris has on offer for your post-finals life
        About your tutor
So that's me, including some tap dance, and a link to my artist mother's web


Note: some links are to pages accessible only from within the Oxford network.

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