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A short bio

A short bio

Born 1978 in Barcelona
| Educated in many things, including cultural clashes, at Deutsche Schule Barcelona, Abitur and Selectividad 1996 (top of class)

Studies in piano, music theory, composition and choir at the Barcelona Conservatory (1986-1999) | Studies in ballet, jazz, tapdance, theatre and singing at the Coco Comín School (1985-2000)

1996-2001: Licenciatura and Master in Law, ESADE, Barcelona (highest average since the law school's foundation)

2001-2002: LL.M., European Academy of Legal Theory, Brussels (summa cum laude, highest average since the academy's foundation)

2002-2003: LL.M., Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA (average 'A')

2003-2004: M.St. in Law, University of Oxford
2005-2009: D.Phil. (doctorate) in Law, University of Oxford
     2004 - : Tutor in Jurisprudence, various Oxford Colleges
     2005-6: Graduate Teaching Assistant in Jurisprudence
     2005-6: Junior Dean, University College, Oxford
     2005-9: Jurisprudence Discussion Group, co-convener

2009-2010: Lecturer in Law, Worcester and Brasenose Colleges, Oxford

2010-2014: Fellow and Tutor in Law, Worcester College Oxford (and Lecturer in Law, Brasenose College Oxford - joint appointment)

(partial career break 2014-2018, handling grave family misfortune)

2015- : Lecturer,
Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona

2018- : Research Fellow,
Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, in association with the Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government

Full C.V. available upon request.

[pic May 18]

Mkopcketinture at gmail dot com

Note: I have two surnames, Köpcke (my dad's) and Tinturé (my mum's). But to make my name simpler, for academic purposes I use my first surname only. It is complex enough on its own (even Germans forget the 'c'!)



The (objectively) best comic artist for children and those young at heart

Programme for the Foundations of Law
My Oxford headquarters
Harvard's former Professor of Jurisprudence, King of Synthesis

John Gardner at Home
Oxford's former Professor of Jurisprudence, King of Analysis

Coco Comin
Pioneering Dance and Drama School (here's some tap dance)


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